The tale of Sunrise city

During the minor Immersive Media at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, I worked in a group of five people in order to create an animation for the non-profit organization NCDFree. The assignment was to make an animation that informs millennials about the issues of non-communicable diseases within their urban environment. In the end the animation was launched during the 71st World Health Assembly which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. We got the opportunity to present our animation here.


During this project it was my role to do the scene compositions and I’ve been animating in After Effects. The scenes I’ve been animating/compositing are shown at these timelaps:

 0:07 till 0:32, 0:39 till 1:04, 1:21 till 1:31 and 2:06 till 2:42


If you want to have a look at the behind the scenes for the making of “The Tale of Sunrise City”, watch the video underneath. In this video we tell about our roles during this project, about the decisions we made and about the process itself. 

Software used: Maya, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop